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Do you like old-fashioned love stories? If your answer is “yes” you’ll want to get The Unexpected Love.


Rhonda and George were so in love that they made Rhonda’s sister, Paulette, sick. SICK! Paulette says, still does, that when George was around, nothing else and no one else existed for her sister.


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They were madly in love, there was no doubt about that. Rhonda thought there had been nothing better happen to her since, well since forever. Her grandmother said at least now she could smile. She’d never been happier in her life! She calls the time when George was around “the best three years of my life.” Because all too soon, and without warning, George was gone! Swallowed by the beautiful Saint John River.

Oh God! What will I do now? I can’t do it. I don’t want to do it, don’t want to face another day. Then she remembered their son. Baby George was just a few weeks old. No! but yes, it was true. In the end, she surprised herself, and everyone else who knew her. Somehow, she got one foot ahead of the other and decided that she would make the best of it. And she did.

That’s what The Unexpected Love is about, in a way.

You see, Rhonda remarried and after thirty-three years, her second husband, Don, died unexpectedly. Not again!  Rhonda says she’s scared to death of the grief thing, but she knows she has to face it. But who said she couldn’t take a detour? Don’t tell Rhonda there’ s anything she can’t do, because she doesn’t believe it!

Read on to see how this story came about.


Rhonda has always said that George was the love of her life. He just was. But life is what it is. She loved Don, too. But as she sat daydreaming one day when she should have been grieving, she wondered what it would have been like if she and George had met at this point in their lives, a more mature point. Ouch! That would mean George would have been married before, too. Well, she’d have to deal with that to create the story. She’s a dreamer, too, and it didn’t take the story long to start taking shape.

So Peter and Maggie are the mature George and Rhonda. And for anyone who knew them, it’s not hard to believe.


Do you believe that real true, sickening love is real? That there is such a thing? If you don’t believe it, this book is not for you.

But if you think it might be possible, come along for the ride. You might think they’re crazy, but you won’t be bored.

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And Rhonda says it’s truly the way they would be, no word of an exaggeration. You decide. Believe it or not, she’s sticking to it.

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The Unexpected Love An Old Fashioned Love Story

Yes, I want The Unexpected Love! 

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Happy reading

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