Who Is Rhonda Cronkhite?

phone smile orange clone brushRhonda Cronkhite has been reading and writing since… well, she really can’t remember.  She likes writing “real” stuff, and she writes it like it is. She writes mostly about her own experiences, saying that this past time has saved countless hours (and dollars) talking to a therapist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (she’s done that, too) but she says that there’s just something about writing things down, something about when the ink hits the paper, that can put a different light on the whole situation.

And then, there’s always perspective.

Although she writes it pretty point blank, she can be diplomatic; like when she wrote her uncle’s eulogy. He was a wonderful uncle to her, but she wasn’t blind to his weaknesses either. But she wasn’t there to talk about those. She was merely saying what he meant to her, how she could always count on him when trouble came knocking. Someone later was recounting some of his less favourable traits and asked Rhonda if she had known about those. “Why, yes. I knew. But I was telling my story, not yours.”

In The Unexpected Love, she’s telling her story, from her perspective. But she does vouch for its authenticity.

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